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17 Weeks: Time for a change

Today marks exactly 17 weeks since my surgery. Since I pretty much don’t even think about the fact that I had surgery anymore, unless I’m feeling the hole in my jaw bone (which is kind of fascinating), I figure it’s time to change things up on my blog a bit.

I will continue to update ya’ll on any jaw-related things that happen. (Don’t worry, those before/after pics are still coming…promise!) But I’m going to start transforming this blog into being more, well, blog-like. My goal is to start posting book reviews, musings, writing, etc. Perhaps people who are looking for something other than surgery tales will be able to enjoy this site someday. 🙂

I don’t really have too much to add at this point, but more will come!

Oh, and I took a painting class with my mom tonight. (Nothing like paint to celebrate 17 weeks of recovery!) Here’s what I painted tonight. It’s called Whimsy Tree.